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The Secret World Factions 1

As an attempt to introduce players to The Secret World game, I wrote a brief guide for everybody to follow. Recently I published this Secret World walkthrough to help players understand each faction. Players will be able to find mission, monster and puzzle information in the guide. I also provided players with a thoroughly researched walkthrough as well.

Players will go out in the Secret World and fight the rising darkness and be a part of myths and a part of conspiracies. You also get to join one of three secret societies, the Dragon, the Illuminati or the Templars and duke it out, fight against each other for control of ancient legendary relics all across the world.

In the Secret World guide, there are something called the secret war. It’s a war that’s been going on between the three factions for a very long time. And that secret war is both illustrated with the PVP, where players go into battle fields and war zones and try to take and achieve objectives, compete against the other factions and get bonuses for everybody in their faction, but it also translates into PVE content where players will be able to actually infiltrate the headquarters of your enemy. Sabotage it, hack into their computers, get information out. There is also ranking missions in the game where players gain rank with their faction, with their secret society. In those ranking missions you actually get to play in scenarios that are reflected across all three secret societies.

As an Illuminati player you go into a parking garage, it’s a dark place filled with terrible creatures and you see it from one perspective. A Templar player will get a similar mission in the same place, but see the story from a different perspective. This is an interplay between, the stories intermingle and when you learn about the secret societies from different perspectives and that’s something that’s carried on throughout the game. Players will want to really experience the story and the world from a perspective of their secret society but also players will be able to communicate with the other secret societies, team up with them in PVE content, outside the PVP stuff. They’ll also be able to share their perspective and what’s the story is and what’s going on in the world and that’s gonna create an active community that shares these secrets, these conspiracies with each other.

The player’s choice of secret society or faction is a choice made for life. It’s the first choice to make in the secret world guide. You do any character creation and once you’ve done that, you’re set. You’re a Templar for life. The Secret World Game Creators claim that they don’t want players to jump around. They want players to be loyal to secret societies. You’ll find that the Illuminati players in the community, they’re hardcore Illuminati. The same with the Templars and Dragon players. They’re never gonna pick another character. They’re always gonna stay with that secret society and that’s something the creators really want to happen and they also want that choice to be made before the game launches, and want players to really stick with that choice.

The Secret World Factions 2

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