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Before I purchased the Secret World complete bundle, I had issues playing the game. Quite frankly, I don’t believe I’m the only one who’s struggling alone on this boat. Secret World is a whole new game on itself with missions that have to be deciphered using info in the real world or searching through Google. Combat in the Secret World was also a challenge when I tried to defeat┬áDeacon Claude using my current set of skills. I can speak for a lot of new gamers here; as we all know the Secret World has over 500 abilities at our disposal. Players are able to mix and match abilities to their liking but in the end, experimenting with every skill combination was a waste of time. Even if I had done a little research how to build an effective build in the game, I still died. This was the time when I needed a Secret World Strategy manual to help me.

I found the Secret World strategy guide on a website called Killer Guides (after it was recommended by my gaming friends); it’s a website where they sell game guides for the price of $29.99 USD. After I bought the product, I was given my login details. As mentioned on the website, the guide was instantly downloadable. I opened and found 100 pages of information. This is my first time using a guide so bare with me; for starters the table of contents was packed with information, ranging from faction breakdown, skills and abilities, talismans, transcribing, quickest way to gain anima/skill points and most importantly skill builds and rotations.

The Secret World Faction Guide

The highlights of the guide for me was the chapter about skill builds. Although I can’t go into much detail since the guide is under a single license, I can tell you exactly how effective the skill builds were. First of all, the guide did not list pages upon pages of skills. Rather, the guide listed the skills which I needed to use in combat, dividing into sections of PvE and PvP. Both builds were very different but they worked very well on the field. I saw an immediate change how I fought monsters and progressed through missions. Without the help of the Secret World Strategy manual, I would have died a lot or depended on others to help me. However, with the instructions provided by the guide, I was able to equip more efficient abilities to use in battle. Also, I’d like to note the skill rotation used in battle were highly effective, destroying the enemy in quick flashes. Another thing I’d like to mention are the multiple options for possible yet effective skill rotations; the author did not suggest just one skill rotation to use but wrote down several. Some skill rotations were specifically for tough to beat bosses, mobs and PvP combat.

The Secret World Strategy GuideThe next highlight was located under Missions. I was well aware this game was unique, providing players with Investigation Missions. These were puzzle missions. I enjoyed puzzles but once they become too difficult to solve, I just give up. The guide covered every Investigation Mission in the game and advised me on how to solve each puzzle. This was better than giving out answers and not understanding the puzzles and clues. For players truly stuck on the puzzle, the guide does give you the answers but it’s recommended for players to solve and unlock the secrets (you get a better understanding of the game and its conspiracies).

What’s my overall verdict? I really enjoyed the guide, probably it was one of the best guides I have read in a long time. The information was presented clearly and there was no jargon in the guide. The guide was direct, to the point and extremely helpful. I do highly recommend this guide and the bundle if anybody is considering on playing The Secret World. The guides are packed with information and it really did help me advance through the game. This is highly, highly recommended! ­čÖé


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Combat System Guide, Game Guide Study Combat Mechanic in the Secret World Guide

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Secret World Combat GuideIf bashing zombies are your thing or setting monsters on fire in general, then The Secret World is a game just for you. This game is set in the modern world with twists; each conspiracy, legend and myth comes to life. I’ll be covering basic things such as weapons by referring to the secret world manual.

This article will be talking about some of the secret world mechanic for the knuckle class along with how the sp[sp] and anima[ap] work for this game. We have our Melee weapons our Range Weapons, and our magic weapons in this game. We also have Talismans, but, in this article we will be focusing mainly on our Melee weapons right now. The knucfle class have a damaging tree, and, we also have a healing tree. Now, every time you receive a level up you will gain one sp and three anima point. The anima system is basically the abilities system in the secret world leveling guide.

Resources are much like Rose in World of Warcraft. Rose in general usually use resources, and, with those resources you can usually spend them an actual do an even more powerful ability. For example, Hollow Walls uses five resources to operate. You can regain your resource by using some skills. Skills in the secret world can be categorized into 2 type, building and consuming.

You can actually build a skill deck which the secret world have for you. That’s pretty good. Once you build both of skill trees out you can go even further. You can unlock even more skills, and there will be more skill trees when the game is live.

I’m going to show you guys some of the fist abilities. We have claw, which is the basic auto attack of the game. We also have have hogwell[sp]. We have Nurture which is basically a healing ability that generate your health over time.

The Secret World Combat

One of the mechanics that knuckle guy has is he’s a hybrid of damage and healing. I like that. I’m more of a guy that loves to have heal ability and I love to Melee. Basically, whenever the knuckle attacker is less that full on hp, any time he does a melee attack he regains some of his hp. Sometimes it’ll go over to his allies. Once I keep attacking the enemies, I will regain my resources. But when I used Hogwell, my resource is all gone.

The Secret World has no class and level. It’s more weapon jobs but it is pretty much like class in my opinion. Cosmetic items in the secret world guide is only for decorating your character. You are not gonna get any benefits from equipping it because cosmetic items do not give you any extra attributes. The secret world is a pretty interesting game. I really like it. I would of made it a free to play game, because it is a less risky model. However, this game is definitely gonna be a pay to play game as Funcom has already announced.

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Game Guide, Skills Guide Skill System in the Secret World Explained

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The Secret World Skill System

Hi everybody! Here’s a new post by me! This time I cover the skills and abilities in The Secret World. Whether it’s active or passive skills, it’s all covered. I used this Secret World reference manual to help me get started (and sort my ideas). So, let’s get this started!

Another important piece of character development is the skill system. You earn points the same way you learn new abilities. Use them to improve your skills, to be able to equip better talismans and weapons. Developing skills also gives you another strategic choice because each weapon let’s you develop two different sets of bonuses. For example if you develop your blade skill, you can chose whether to increase your damage or survivability. This way you can use skills so define the sort of character you want to play for your secret world leveling. Whether you’ll be a defensive master, killing machine or offensive steam roller. If you want to engage enemies from a distance you can for example use abilities which focus on hindering, and slowing them down while shooting from range.

As an example, here we’re using a build combining an assault rifle with a shotgun. First we open the fight with a powerful shell shocker elite ability. This snares the enemies, slowing them down while we keep moving around and create distance. We also build ranged resources on the enemies.

Another great strategy is to use the acrobatic back flip to escape harm before showering the enemy in a rain of bullets.
All the abilities in this build have synergy around hindering, with passive abilities that augment the active ones. By adding useful bonuses like increase chance to execute critical hits, or extra damage over time. All the abilities fit together in beautiful synergy.

Because of many different monsters and challenges in the Secret World guide, there is no build that perfect everywhere. It’s smart to develop many different abilities to handle different situations. You can make builds to tackle new types of enemies. Or even make a build tailor made to a specific dungeon boss. It’s also very easy to swap in between builds in the Secret World. You just bring up your character sheet. Here you can save your builds and swap between them as often as you like. When you load a new build, it automatically equips the save gear and abilities and in an instant you’ve redefined your character and you’re ready for new challenges.
The Secret World Skill System Explained

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Game Guide, Skills Guide First Introductory to Ability Wheel in the Secret World

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The Secret World Ability Wheel

The Secret World is a massively multiplayer online game set in the real, modern day world where every myth, legend and conspiracy is true. In this world you get to explore locations such as New York, London, Egypt, Translyvania, New England and beyond. As you progress through the game you’ll unravel mysteries, collect awesome loot, engage in massive PVP, and perhaps more importantly, develope a character that is completely unique to your syle.

The Secret World leveling has no classes or levels. Instead it gives you more than five hundred unique abilities that you can use to create the type of character that you want to play. One minute you’re combining powerful chaos magic with brutal fist weapons, stunning your enemies before ripping them to shreds with claws of steel. In the next you’re keeping your teammates alive with powerful blood magic. At the same time you’re holding the forces of darkness at bay with your assault rifle.

All abilities in the game can be found in the ability wheel. Here there are organized into three main categories; melee, magic, and range. These groups are again divided into nine types of weapons; blades, hammers, fist weapons, blood magic, chaos magic, elementalism, shot guns, pistols, and assault rifles.

Though you can potentially learn all the abilities in the wheel, you can only use two weapons at a time, and bring seven active and seven passive abilities into combat. These 14 abilites put together is called a build, and the trick is to find good combinations that also allow you to play the character the way you want to, which can be seen from the secret world guide. Think of it as almost playing with a deck of cards. You’ll have a vast collection to chose from, and you pick 14 of these that will allow you to execute your strategy. Choosing abilities which work well together is an important part of making goood builds. If you knock down an enemy with one attack then use another ability which does increased damage on knocked down opponents the two abilities have good synergy together.

There are many ways to find synergies within the ability wheel. You can concentrate on abilities which hinder, appear, afflict, or weaken, or you can specialize on attacks of a certain type. Like chains, bursts, strikes, frenzies, focus, or blasts. A full coverage of all the skills including active and passives can be read at The Secret World walkthrough.
The Secret World Abilities Guide

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Game Guide, Leveling Guide The Secret World Combat System

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The Secret World Combat System 1

I am gonna show you how the combat works and flows in The Secret World. We’re describing you two players. The First player is the girl wielding an assault riffle and a shot gun. Every single weapon has a unique resource. You build this resource either on the target or you build it on yourself. While she’s using certain abilities , she’s building these tiny peep on the target. She can use certain abilities that consume source resources for a special effect like extra damage, crowd controlling, or healing. Lots of different cool things.

Every single weapon brings something unique to the fight. You can play as a straight damage with any of the weapons. They also have a secondary role. In assault rifles case, they have leaching attacks. Elite attacks, they deal damage, but, they return a percentage of the damage back to you or your friendly target as healing. It really helps you to stay alive. She’s also wielding a shotgun. A shotgun is perfect for fighting multiple enemies at the same time. A lot of the attacks damage everything in front of you without even requiring a target, kind of like a real shot gun.

The Secret World RifleShe has a friend that’s also wielding an assault rifle, but also has blood magic. Blood magic is good at applying damage over time. Blood magic has protective barriers that can absorb a lot of damage. It really helps the group to stay alive.

In the Secret World you don’t have to stand still while fighting. You can move and attack as you please. There’s a lot of bad things in the game which you can avoid by reading the monsters animations or caring about your surroundings.

One of the cool things about the Secret World is that it doesn’t have any classes. You’re never locked down to a certain place style. If you want to create a tank like character that can absorb a lot of damage and also keep the focus of the boss before engaging it. You can do that with a click of a button to open the gear manager. It will show you the affiliated gears, the weapons. With the click of the button you can change from being a range damage dealer to a tank like character, which can absorb a lot of damage and keep the focus of the monster. This is a really important aspect of the Secret World leveling guide, never being lock down to a certain type of place style, always adapting to your surroundings and changing the way you play. On the fly like that.

To read more about monsters and bosses in the game, it is recommended for players to read through The Secret World book which contains a walkthrough. You can read through mainly about the bosses and how to defeat them. Such recommendations in the website covers topics such as: equipping your character with the best gear, equipping the most effective talisman or it can be a simple as advising players on using the most effective skill rotations.

The Secret World Combat System 2

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Game Guide, Leveling Guide The Secret World Guide to PVP Systems

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The Secret World PVPHosting a myriad of guides to view, I wrote a general overview of the PvP system in this post and in this tsw book walkthrough as well. I go into details what PvP is, how to play PvP and how to become successful in PvP. I recommend several skill builds, skill rotations and Talismans you need to protect yourself in battle.

There are two main modes of PVP in the Secret World. One is the battle fields, they’re shorter matches, there’s capture the flag, there’s theft match, things like that. Ten versus ten versus ten or five versus five versus five. Quick matches where the objectives are clearly lined out and the players who complete that will be able to get some bucks and bonuses for the guys who are in those fights.

Then there is an exciting new war zones. Those are persistent, large scale massive playing fields with well over 100 players come together and try to hold this objectives to try to conquer these war zones. It’s gonna be a changing landscape the whole time. Dragon may conquer for awhile then the Illuminati will come and maybe the Templars will try to help the Illuminati to get the dragon away so they can compete over it. And once the faction holds all of these objectives, that gives benefits and bonuses to everybody in that faction. Even if you’re not part of the PVP, you’ll feel that benefit, you’ll get that bonus and that makes your players root even more for their secret society and they get more dedicated to their secret society.

In The Secret World there are no levels and classes. The reason for that is it set in the modern day real world. Players are not born into roles as bakers or fishers, or warriors or hunters, but have freedom to make the choices they want to move to make at any given time and that’s key in this game as well. Players instead will have skills called abilities. Refer to TSW guide, the more XP you gain, the more abilities you can buy and abilities combine into DEX. DEX are seven active and seven passive powers that will create a character that can handle unique situations. So you might, the one they have a shotgun there, a shotgun weapon and seven powers that tie into that and that’ll help you in one area of the game.

The next day you might decide to go with some elementalists and mix that up a bit to combine the two weapons and progression in the game is basically, for example, in adding more and more powers to inventory so they have more and more choices you can make and be more diversified. There is a magical prefix to add your weapon bonuses. It may give you better HP or it might make you do more damage. There’s a lot of progression in your character’s strength as well. And also you’ll be able to rise in rank in your secret society. It’s a story thing where you start on the ground floor. You don’t know a lot of the secrets but as you gain XP and do missions and you fight monsters and your secret world leveling, you’ll be able to rise in rank in your secret society as well and gain access to more content and learn more about your faction.

The Secret World PVP 2

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Game Guide, Leveling Guide, Societies Guide The Secret World Society: Your Choice

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The Secret World Factions 1

As an attempt to introduce players to The Secret World game, I wrote a brief guide for everybody to follow. Recently I published this Secret World walkthrough to help players understand each faction. Players will be able to find mission, monster and puzzle information in the guide. I also provided players with a thoroughly researched walkthrough as well.

Players will go out in the Secret World and fight the rising darkness and be a part of myths and a part of conspiracies. You also get to join one of three secret societies, the Dragon, the Illuminati or the Templars and duke it out, fight against each other for control of ancient legendary relics all across the world.

In the Secret World guide, there are something called the secret war. It’s a war that’s been going on between the three factions for a very long time. And that secret war is both illustrated with the PVP, where players go into battle fields and war zones and try to take and achieve objectives, compete against the other factions and get bonuses for everybody in their faction, but it also translates into PVE content where players will be able to actually infiltrate the headquarters of your enemy. Sabotage it, hack into their computers, get information out. There is also ranking missions in the game where players gain rank with their faction, with their secret society. In those ranking missions you actually get to play in scenarios that are reflected across all three secret societies.

As an Illuminati player you go into a parking garage, it’s a dark place filled with terrible creatures and you see it from one perspective. A Templar player will get a similar mission in the same place, but see the story from a different perspective. This is an interplay between, the stories intermingle and when you learn about the secret societies from different perspectives and that’s something that’s carried on throughout the game. Players will want to really experience the story and the world from a perspective of their secret society but also players will be able to communicate with the other secret societies, team up with them in PVE content, outside the PVP stuff. They’ll also be able to share their perspective and what’s the story is and what’s going on in the world and that’s gonna create an active community that shares these secrets, these conspiracies with each other.

The player’s choice of secret society or faction is a choice made for life. It’s the first choice to make in the secret world guide. You do any character creation and once you’ve done that, you’re set. You’re a Templar for life. The Secret World Game Creators claim that they don’t want players to jump around. They want players to be loyal to secret societies. You’ll find that the Illuminati players in the community, they’re hardcore Illuminati. The same with the Templars and Dragon players. They’re never gonna pick another character. They’re always gonna stay with that secret society and that’s something the creators really want to happen and they also want that choice to be made before the game launches, and want players to really stick with that choice.

The Secret World Factions 2

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